Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Bunny projects with coffee filters :o)

I remembered seeing a project with coffee filters (maybe on Pinterest) so I decided to do some quick Easter Bunny Projects - just using simple coffee filters (the unbleached kind). This is so easy - stamped the Easter Bunny from Tim Holtz in the center and cut off the sides.

Then I stitched the sides using my sewing machine and embellished the bottom with some ribbon (also stitched). Easy peasy!   I made a bunch of these ....

Cute for the Easter Table Settings!

And that coffee filter - just stamped on the coffee filter,  (no cutting) can also be used as wrapping for an Easter hostess gift - here I just used it for the cats' grass :)

Did you know that you could use your stamps on the chalkboard, too? I just stamped the bunny using memento white ink (it comes right off using a wet cloth) ! I just love when I can get more from my stamps that way!  :-)

Have a great Easter! / God Påske!


Mio said...

Sikke en super god ide : ) ser rigtig godt ud. Hvordan pokker har du fået det stempel motiv på din tavle????
Fed ide : )

Jette / ma11edina said...

Hvor ser det super godt ud og sikke en god ide 😄. Er da også vild med dit tavle-tryk. Rigtig god påske til jer 😄

Rikke Lisette said...

Ej hvor er det smart :) Super god idé

Lisa Rasmussen said...

Sikke en god ide ;O)

Grete said...

Wauw... super god idé, og så er de bare så søde.
Det ser så fedt ud med stemplet på tavlen også.
Rigtig god påske.

Yvette said...

Wow what a great ideas. Must remember these, love them!