Sunday, September 28, 2014

Copics, sharing Online Class Homework + a card

Today I am sharing some of my homework from an Online Card Class.
All about Copics.
I've had a set of copics for ages but I've not been using them very much.
I've truly always been intimidated by this type of coloring....

The online class is really awesome.
I have already learned a lot - now I just need to practice, practice, practice......

Day 3: Shading with Grey
This was really difficult but I think with more practice and getting to know good color combinations, this technique would be useful. I like the cup, but my umbrellas were a disaster :)

Day 4: Shading & lights
I've always found it difficult to know where to put the shading but we learned some very handy techniques in the class and here I am sharing a few of my practice results.
This first one is creating texture with the flicking technique. Also very much used for hair. I really like this technique very much. 
(sorry for the blurry part of the photo - the colors used are E02, R02 & YR04). I used the same greens as for the yellow flower image.)

This next one is regular shading with the light coming from the left.

Day 5: Hair & Skin
And finally a few practice results with traditional brown & black hair. I must admit, I cheated a bit with the black, as I did not have a black copics marker, I used a distress ink marker for the black strokes.

The skin coloring is really difficult - I think I need some more skin colors AND more practice!!!

 Also practicing hair and skin on this ballerina. I dropped too much wink of stella glitter on the lashes :-(

And finally sharing a card I did with a favourite old owl stamp from Hero Arts. I wanted to practice coloring on real stamped images. I accidently dropped some ink on to the top of the card, so I had to cover my mistake by this chalkboard-like speech bubble.... :-) And with the direction of the shading I probably should have reversed the speech bubble, oh well!

Oh happy Sunday!!


rcwidow (Linda) said...

Your coloring is great! I think you know how! I recently got this owl and have been practicing coloring with it too. Yours inspires me!

Charlie said...

Dear Pia. Working your way towards being a Copic pro for sure. I thought about doing this class as I know Sandy from OSH/OWH but have to wait a bit. Not hours enough in my life right now. CUTE owl card. Happy Sunday from Me to You =0)

Leta said...

Pia, just love your colouring and highlighting. You've really nailed it!

jintyoo7 said...

I think you're underestimating your colouring ability, Pia! Even your practice sheets looks great!

Your owl card is FABULOUS!

I have enrolled in this class but haven't started yet (I'm always behind - LOL)!

Nancy K said...

Wow! Amazing coloring on your practice sheets and on your super fun owl card! ♥

Heidi said...

Hvor ser det godt ud og kunne selv ønske sådan kursus, har selv været igang de sidste dage med lege med mine - da de blev støvet af ;-)

Mio said...

Ser super godt ud Pia : ) er også selv med på kurset og det er rigtig godt, endnu er jeg ikke kommet dertil hvor jeg rent faktisk blogger omkring det, men måske skulle man lige tage sig sammen : )

Heidi said...

Super skønt indlæg. Jeg er også med men ikke nået så langt endnu. Sikke et skønt kort.

Nicole Parmentier said...

Pia your card is so cute! I love it! I am doing the same class but i have some catching up to do...

nedergaard ( Lissy ) said...

Det, at farvelægge, mestrer du så også til UG
Dit kort er helt fantastisk smukt og farverigt

God eftermiddag, knus

Dotty Jo said...

Wow, lovely colouring and I love the owls card so much, Jo x