Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Small cards and pictures from my latest garden project

I made a couple of small cards with stamped scraps - I always seem to keep lots of stamped pieces but I rarely use them. So I challenged myself on Sunday and made a few quick cards ;)

The little tag was the stamped piece on this card.

And I have to show you some pictures from my latest garden project. Jan, my husband did most of the work by himself. I am so proud of him! He did a great job.

I have always wanted a greenhouse - but I just couldn't find the place in the garden - untill my husband suggested this spot - which was perfect for this kind of greenhouse / orangeri.

1. Getting ready for the sand to arrive - Harry Potter is checking it out.
2. The outdoor tiles have been laid down.
3. Digging a path for the waterpipe into the greenhouse - love this photo of the grass dominos ;)

1. The house arrived - lots of items - like lego for grown ups. Will we manage?
2. Looking out the window from the 1st floor, on day 2 in the morning - I was so surprised. Jan got up very early!!
3. Working hard...

 1. Almost finished - it is a bit late for this season - I got 4 tomato plants from a colleague and I have big plans for the next season - meanwhile we shall enjoy the flowers.
2. Made some deco with my silhouette for the table.
3. The cats already love the place and ofcourse they have their own little place.

Do you have a greenhouse and some good tips to share? I would love to know ;))


Kelly said...

love the greenhouse as well as the designs of the cards!

Linda Beeson said...

Wonderful cards, love that pink flower.

Charlie said...

Sikke en dygtig morgenduelig mand og fint nyt drivhus. Klart at H.P. elsker at ligge der og se nuttet ud. =0) Dejlige blomsterkort - dem kan du jo så gro en masse af i drivhuset!! Godt I har købt den fine model med "due-forskrækkere" på taget - det gjorde vores venner ikke - og det fortrød de...

nedergaard ( Lissy ) said...

Super smukke kort. Og hvor bliver det lækkert med sådan et drivhus... katten nyder det allerede :-)
God sommer til dig.